A bit of background info

I’m 21, a full time student in college, taking 20+ hours studying Graphic Design (yes, I’m an artist).  I have just over a year left in my program, graduating in Fall 2012.

After moving to Tennessee for music college with my sister in 2008/09, we volunteered at a church camp in Alaska (summer ’09) and ended up staying for an internship through part of the fall.  I was in AK for about 4 months total, my sister for 5.  Long story short, I got into my current college, flew back home, started school (literally the day I got back).  Shortly after that, my Dad was diagnosed with cancer.  6 weeks later, he passed away in December 2009.

Fast forward to now.  I’m doing college online and living at home with my Mom, sister, and our 2 dogs. We all follow a gluten-free diet and have for a little over a year, starting when we found out (in 2010) that we are gluten intolerant.  Big change, but you do what you need to, and it’s been a pretty good transition.

So there I was a few days ago, thinking “Wow, sure I’m gluten-free, but I sure have been eating a LOT of grain lately… rice, corn, stuff like that.  Rice bread, etc.”  Then I thought about how tired I was of not feeling GREAT.  I mean, I’m feeling a lot better since we went gluten free, no nasty stomach cramps that make it hurt to even breathe, but I still wasn’t feeling awesome, as good as I know that I should.  I seriously began to wonder if this was more than the “get contaminated, get sick, catch something, recover” cycle that happens on the rare occasion that we do eat out and something gets glutenized.

I thought there must be something more that I could be doing.

I started working out, which helps some, but still, there must be something… Later that day, I pulled up The Gypsies’ website and facebook page, and it is here that our journey begins.

*cue epic music… no, not circus music! More like Star Wars intro music… that’s better*

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