There I was, chilling, reading The Paleo Solution, when all of a sudden I overhear 2 people talking about foods that their bodies aren’t tolerating while on a cleanse.  The first person says… Corn chips, and he or she is having super sugar cravings. *blink, blink, stare at my book* The second person then says that what he or she can’t have is… are you ready for this? Wheat and sugar.  So there I sat, still reading The Paleo Solution, overhearing this conversation about how these 2 different people each have a GRAIN and sugar (hello?) that doesn’t mesh well with them on this cleanse.

The amazing coincidence that I was reading this book, which tells WHY grains aren’t great, overhearing a conversation about people not tolerating grains was crazy.  It definitely let me know  I’m on the right path.

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