Food, Inc.

Last night, Tooti, Mom and I watched Food, Inc.  Nothing like bonding over a documentary about the corruption of the American food industry!

Seriously though, it really made me think about how my food is being processed, grown, and where it actually comes from.  It was so gross!  Excellent information and perfectly timed, right before we go Paleo on Thursday, but today I saw a plush pig magnet and it made me think about how conventional animals are “drugged up” and raised in disgusting environments.  I saw a cow writing pen that had buggy eyes and it made me think about the corn-fed cows and how they are covered in each other’s cow pies and how that poop literally ends up in ground beef.  I saw a sign that said, “GROUND BEEF!” and I thought about the partially paralyzed cows being shoved and prodded… by a forklift.

At the grocery store today, I went to look at the chicken… and literally almost gagged.  After seeing how chickens have been raised so that they are so overweight that they can barely walk a few steps because their legs were never meant to support so much weight… it really makes you think.

Needless to say, watching Food, Inc. really had an impact on me.  Some of the things I had heard, others I hadn’t.  The thing that I took away from watching is a thought at the end of the film; each of us has a choice to make when we buy food.  When we buy food, we are supporting a specific part of a massive industry.  What type of growing techniques and animal treatment are we voting for? It makes you think.

Pre-processed food is disgusting.  Please go watch Food, Inc. and really take a minute to think about it.


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