Paleo: Day 1

Today was Day 1 of going Paleo.  Yes, I cooked all of today’s meals and not one of them involved cake pops. LOL. Breakfast was fun and pretty easy once I got into the swing of things and it tasted gooood.  Lunch was reeeaaallly tasty and pretty easy too, when I was chopping the veggies, I thought of Meryl Streep on Julie and Julia… I love that movie, she’s so funny as Julia Child. I was pretty surprised that I could cook chicken fajita salad for lunch and have it taste that great and be that filling.

The snack, we decided to divide into “pre-Zumba” and “post-Zumba” which ended up working out really well. It gave me time to get home from ZumbaTone and have time to change before I started dinner… dinner….

mmmmmm…. Dinner. Was. AMAZING.  This was seriously one of the absolute BEST salmon meals I’ve ever had. For real.  Mmmmmm so good!!!! Not to toot my own horn or anything…  *toot toot* but I’m pretty surprised and proud of myself… and guess what? BOOM. It was EASY. Honestly, the guide in The Paleo Solution is SO well thought out that it really made everything super-de-duper easy to follow.

The best part about this: *cue music* I feel good… na na na na na na na… So good!

I think coconut oil is my new favorite.

Day 1: Breakfast

Day 1: Lunch

Day 1: Dinner (those are roasted green beans)

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