Paleo: Day 9

I had some leftover steak and macadamia nuts for breakfast.  We found a water leak last night, so it was nice not to have to cook this morning.  Super props to Mom and Tooti for digging up the water pipe!

For lunch I cooked chicken breast and Indian-style slaw.  Flavorful and different.

I cooked chicken curry for dinner, one of Tooti’s favorites.  It ended up working out really well since she dug up the water pipe… like a little “SURPRISE!” to end the day with.  This was my first time EVER making a curry dish and I have to say, it turned out tasting pretty awesome.

I found a delicious coconut milk (canned Golden Star) and it tastes great in coffee too.  Definitely a nice treat.

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2 thoughts on “Paleo: Day 9

  1. Golden Star says:

    Hi there! We here at Golden Star saw your post on Golden Star Coconut Milk. Thanks so much for your support and we’re so happy you are enjoying our product. We’d love to learn about some of your recipes and how you like to use Golden Star Coconut Milk. Please visit us at Like us and share a recipe and we’d be happy to send you some more great Golden Star Coconut Milk and our other products to try!

    All the best,
    The Golden Star Family

    • theflirate says:

      Hi Golden Star! Thanks for your comment! Golden Star is definitely our favorite coconut milk. So excited that y’all have a facebook page now, I’ll post a recipe on it soon, I’d love to try some more products!

      -Twinkie 🙂

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