Paleo: Day 29

I cooked the Peach Pecan Scramble for breakfast today! Yummy! It’s definitely one of my absolute favorites… totally tastes like bread pudding. 😀

For lunch today, we had leftover chicken (not so soft, so I finished off the peach pecan scramble) and guacamole, I paired mine with leftover butternut squash… the teeth were sore… but it was tasty! 😀

For dinner tonight, I decided to get fancy and cook Hasselbeck Sweet Potatoes (I used this recipe but subbed sweet potatoes for the other potatoes and used olive oil instead of butter) with Salmon and Peas with Carrots… those sweet potatoes are ridiculously good. Mmmmmm!!!! Totally worth the extra time.

Got to have some fun sister time with Tooti today… which of course involved a trip to the tea store… yay!!

Tomorrow is day 30!!!! Yeah!!!! 😀


One thought on “Paleo: Day 29

  1. MoM says:

    Congrats! You are almost to your goal!!! Good Job!

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