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Cinnamon Tea!

(Paleo – Day: 32)

Yesterday, thanks to the barista’s suggestion at the Barnes and Noble coffee bar, Mom introduced us to an absolutely AMAZING tea… Hot Cinnamon Spice by Harney and Sons.  It is fantastic!  It was so great that Tooti and I each had to get a cup of it after Mom let us sample hers… and then we had to buy a box of this tea today.  Somehow it’s amazingly sweet without adding any type of sweetener, the cinnamon flavor is really strong, but not overpowering.  It’s kind of like if you took the perfect cinnamon roll and made it into a cup of tea.  Yeah, it’s that awesome.

Speaking of Cinnamon Rolls… Cinnamon Roll Day is October 4! Yay! I really want to try a recipe I found for Paleo Cinnamon “Roll” Muffins… they look delicious.

If you need some ideas on tea for two and tunes for tea… check out Tea and Sympathy’s Post… They used a song I suggested! Yay! 🙂

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Paleo: Day 15

The weather cooled off a LOT today… I was tempted to grab a sweater this morning, but then thought better of it as it was probably 75 degrees outside… so nice!!!! 😀

I cooked some lamb patties and apples with cinnamon and cloves this morning, which complemented the cooler Fall weather with fantastic Fall flavors. So good! I love the apples especially.

We reheated some Chicken Alfredo that was leftover (planned ahead) for lunch, super easy… yum!

Mom and I went to Zumba class, met a bunch of really friendly people and had a lot of fun.  I had fun going to Zumba before (LOVE it), but it’s been a LOT more fun with Mom coming too… workout buddies really do make a difference!

I cooked a meaty spaghetti sauce served over roasted green beans for dinner… tasty!

Today starts Week 3 of going Paleo… what a delicious journey so far!

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